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Air transportation of cargo

The Cargo Service company provides services of air transportation of general cargo, dangerous cargo, oversized cargo, perishable cargo, diplomatic cargo, live cargo and personal effects to any international and Ukrainian destinations.

Air is the most rapid way to deliver cargo to its destination.

The network of reliable partners worldwide allows to quickly and qualitatively transport our customers' cargo by air to anywhere in the world.

Company’s experts will choose the optimal route for the transportation of your cargo.

Company can apply the following schemes for air cargo transportation:

  • airport-to-airport,

  • door-to-door,

  • door-to-airport of destination

  • airport of origin-to-door

  • in other negotiated form.

Layout and dimensions of the cargo compartments of aircraft (the Russian language) 2,5 MB Layout and dimensions of the cargo compartments of aircraft

Air cargo packaging (the Russian language)

530 kB Air cargo packaging
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General cargo

General cargo includes goods that can be counted, packed in a container or goods in pieces, including:
  • metal,

  • mobile equipment,

  • concrete products and structures,

  • containers,

  • in transport packages (on pallets, without pallets, in harness, in the film, etc.)

  • in the packaging (boxes, bags, barrels, bales, etc.),

  • rolling barrels (barrels, drums of various designs with different cargo, baskets), oversized and heavy,

  • timber (round wood, sawn timber, plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, OSB, etc.).

General cargo shipped on one transport unit (container, road train, railroad car).

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Dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo include substances, materials, products, wastes of production and other activities which, because of their intrinsic properties and peculiarities and during presence of certain factors in the process of transportation, handling, and storage may cause damage to the environment, cause an explosion, fire or damage to vehicles and buildings, as well as death, injury, poisoning, burns or disease in humans, animals, and birds.

The experience of the Cargo Service company shows: most of these goods can be safely transported by air, provided that they are properly packed and met the relevant limitations on the number and weight of each cargo piece.  

Law of Ukraine "On transportation of Dangerous Cargo" (the Russian language) 12 kB Law of Ukraine "On transportation of Dangerous Cargo"
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Oversized and heavy cargo

One piece of cargo weighing over 80 kg is considered to be heavy, and the cargo, the size of one piece of which exceeds the dimensions of loading hatches and cargo holds of a passenger aircraft is considered to be oversized.

Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, exceeding the specified weight and dimensions, can be carried by cargo or specially equipped for the purpose aircraft.

Heavy cargo without packaging should be presented for carriage mounted on special pallets or provided with cushioning material in the form of wooden boards or planks in such a way that the load on the floor of the aircraft does not exceed the established standards and provides capability of loading/unloading equipment operation.

For transportation of oversized cargo conventional methods of delivery are not suitable. This work requires special methods, skills, multidisciplinary experience and engineering competence of professionals that provide transportation.

The Cargo Service company offers air transportation of cargo of various sizes, parameters and configuration. For this purpose we use modern transport aircraft carrying up to 250 tons.

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Perishable cargo

Only benign perishable goods which will not lose their qualities when transported in due terms are allowed to be transported by air transport.

Perishable cargo must be packed in standard containers and meet the technical requirements.

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Diplomatic cargo

The Cargo Service company takes cargo of  embassies and international organizations in Ukraine to be transported by air:

  • unaccompanied diplomatic mail and cargo,

  • goods intended for official use of representatives of foreign states in Ukraine.

  • goods transported by representatives of international and intergovernmental organizations in Ukraine,

  • goods for personal use of employees of foreign states representations and organizations, transported in unaccompanied baggage.

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Live cargo

Live cargo refers to any livestock (large and small animals, fur animals, birds, fish, crabs, bees, snakes, laboratory animals, etc.).

Live cargo is accepted for carriage only if the veterinary permits (certificates) and, where necessary, permits of quarantine service authorities are available.

Fur animals bred in cage farms are transported by special flights in transport cages.

Small animals and birds can be transported without accompanying in strict compliance with the rules of their transportation.

Packages of bees are taken for the transportation unaccompanied in strong plywood boxes, ventilation in which is carried out through a special metal grid or through the narrow slits.

Transportation of live cargo is performed only on direct flights.

The Cargo Service company may take on registration of permitting and veterinary documents and provide special equipment (cages, pallets, containers, etc.) and auxiliary equipment for transportation of cargo, needed food, water, equipment for feeding and watering in transit, litter and fixing materials, veterinary first aid kit and clothing for accompany.

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Personal effects

The Cargo Service company provides comprehensive services for the transportation of personal effects of individuals that are not a consignment. Any luggage will be delivered to their destination on time.

If necessary, your personal effects will be packed, insured and will undergo customs clearance.

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Express delivery

The Cargo Service company provides services for express delivery of mail, parcels and cargo in Ukraine and worldwide.
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Charter cargo transportation

The Cargo Service company delivers export, import and transit cargo by charter flights from airports in Ukraine to the majority of the world's airports and from other airports to Ukraine.

The company will deliver your cargo to the plane, file all the necessary documents for flight on the route, hold a customs clearance, provide cargo insurance, and other services upon customer request.

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