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Multimodal transportation of cargo (in other words mixed cargo transportation) is the transportation of goods by several means of transport. In this case one person - multimodal transport operator - The Cargo Service company is liable for transportation of cargo.

Multimodal transportation provides a choice of flexible and efficient routes of cargo transportation, as well as used vehicles.

The Cargo Service company may use various types of vehicles and means of transportation: road, sea, rail, and air transport. Herewith, the advantages of different means of transport on each part of the route are used to optimize the scheme and terms of delivery of cargo, the cost of transportation, and cargo safety.

Company carries out the following activities upon customer request:

  • drafting cargo delivery schemes,

  • selection of appropriate types of transport facilities,

  • receiving and processing of cargo,

  • cargo overloading and warehousing,

  • loading/unloading,

  • cargo tracking throughout the entire journey,

  • cargo delivery from-door-to-door,

  • customs clearance,

  • cargo and risk insurance,

  • registration of permits for the whole route of cargo transportation.

The company provides multimodal transportation worldwide through partnerships with leading logistics companies that can successfully carry out delivery of cargoes in various directions regardless of the complexity of transport routes and the nature of cargo.

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