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When carrying out cargo transportation cargo insurance is of significant importance. The presence of an insurance contract during the transportation of cargo provides our customers with protection from material losses upon the occurrence of insurance claims related to damage, destruction or loss of cargo, including both import and export.

The Cargo Service company provides insurance of any cargo which is transported by any means of transport in any direction.

Conditions of cargo insurance:

  • with liability for all risks,
  • with limited liability,
  • with liability for damages except those caused by a disaster,
  • with liability for military risks,
  • with liability for strike risks,
  • with liability for the agreed risk (transport facility  accident, fire, theft, robbery, natural disaster, violation of temperature mode of transportation, damage during handling, or any other risks as agreed by the parties).

The sum insured is set by the parties' agreement in an amount not exceeding the actual value of the cargo. It is determined on the basis of the contract value of the cargo, including transportation and overhead costs.

Insurance rate is determined by taking into account:

  • conditions of insurance,
  • types and peculiarities of cargo,
  • cargo packaging,
  • cargo cost,
  • types and conditions of cargo transportation,
  • overload, transshipments and intermediate storage of goods,
  • routes and volumes of cargo,
  • security guard of cargo during transportation,
  • other factors.

Contract for a single shipment.  Is concluded in case of a single transportation of different kinds of cargo. Insurance coverage is valid for the period of cargo transportation.

General cargo insurance. Is concluded in the case of constant transportation of cargo over certain routes or during the transportation of one type of cargo. Insurance coverage applies to all transportations during the period for which the general contract is concluded. Insurance under such contract significantly reduces the cost of insurance and reduces paperwork.

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